The SNPJ Recreation Center opened in 1965 and was officially designated as the Borough of SNPJ, Pennsylvania, in 1977. To ensure that SNPJ would be allowed to develop the Recreation Center at its own pace, SNPJ petitioned the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to designate the land belonging to the Recreation Center as the Borough of SNPJ.

Soon after its incorporation in 1977, the borough was recognized nationally as the country’s “smallest town with the longest name” – it had a population of 13 and was officially registered as “the Borough of Slovenska Narodna Podporna Jednota” (which translates to Slovene National Benefit Society in English), and thus the initials SNPJ.

The SNPJ Recreation Center is located near Enon Valley, PA, one hour northwest of Pittsburgh, an hour and a half southeast of Cleveland, and just minutes from New Castle, PA, and Youngstown, OH.