About the SNPJ Recreation Center

A 500-acre complex owned and operated by the
Slovene National Benefit Society, a fraternal insurance provider based in the Pittsburgh suburban west area. 

For the last four decades, SNPJ members and friends have enjoyed use of the SNPJ Recreation Center.  The idea for the SNPJ Recreation Center was conceived in the mid-1960s, and since opening in 1965 the facility has served as a central location for Society members to gather and share a day, a weekend, a week and even several months of activity and good times. Throughout the course of its history, the Recreation Center has played host to three SNPJ National Conventions, and it is also the site of the annual Slovenefest and National SNPJ Days celebrations.


From fall 2000-spring 2001, SNPJ invested $1.7 million in an extensive remodeling/construction project at the Recreation Center. The Recreation Center received a much-needed area to house the SNPJ Slovenian Heritage Center, and the former multi-purpose hall was completely remodeled to become the new Alpine Wedding & Banquet Room. To celebrate the project’s completion, then-President of the Republic of Slovenia Milan Kučan honored SNPJ by attending the ribbon-cutting ceremonies in May 2001.

The Borough of SNPJ

To ensure that the Recreation Center would be allowed to develop at its own pace and remain free from outside influences, SNPJ petitioned the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to designate the area as the Borough of SNPJ. Soon after its incorporation in 1977, the borough was recognized nationally as the country’s “smallest town with the longest name” – it had a population of 13 and was officially registered as “the Borough of Slovenska Narodna Podporna Jednota” (Slovene National Benefit Society in Slovenian, thus the initials SNPJ).

Now in its 48th year of operation, the SNPJ Recreation Center has something to offer every member of the family. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon of polka dancing, a weekend of summer fun or a weeklong get-away destination, be sure to contact the SNPJ Recreation Center and see what they can do for you.

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